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Like it is said, “the customer is the king”, it is very important to manage your communications with your present as well as potential customers. As 1 in 3 customers will probably leave a brand they love even after just one negative experience. The digital world can be a daunting place but it also offers an opportunity to put up information and data online. However, one small mistake can cost you your image online. In such a case, to be safe, you require a CRM implementation company to manage your relationships with your dear customers, and AquGen can be your best choice.

By 2025, CRM is expected to reach more than $80 billion in revenue. With our excellent team, we will be always prepared to take action and maintain a good reputation for your company. We not only aim to eliminate negative reviews, online comments, feedback, etc that may affect your company’s name but we also cultivate the positive responses and feedback keeping your online image untarnished.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does AquGen implement a CRM plan?

    Our CRM implementation process consists of the following steps:

    • Creating a change in management program.
    • Forecasting of an implementation budget.
    • Rolling out your CRM.
    • Planning and initiating your CRM to go-live.
    • Evaluate the success of CRM implementation.
  • How much time does a CRM implementation take?

    This depends on what you're looking to achieve from your CRM system. We first talk about your business, your aims and objectives, the software you're using, and the complexity of your project. Then only we can determine the time we will take to effectively implement a CRM system for your business.

  • How can I ensure that my CRM implementation works?

    You can ensure that your CRM implementation works by following these effective tips:

    • Assuring the top management buy-in.
    • Finding a good project manager.
    • Setting up the internal usage guidelines.
    • Defining a CRM strategy and adopting a CRM philosophy.
    • Overcoming rejections and negative attitudes.
  • Does CRM implementation differ between the public and private sectors?

    Yes, as the primary concern of the public sector’s CRM is to effectively deliver the services to citizens and the products range in dozens to the hundreds. Whereas, in the private sector, the number of products and services is often in the thousands only with a focus on a targeted group of costumers.

  • Will I have to bear the cost even after CRM implementation?

    This depends on the package you have chosen. At AquGen we provide different customized services packages. As per the package, our experts deliver post-CRM implementation services.

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