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Guide to Video Marketing on Social Media

Guide to Video Marketing on Social Media - AquGen

As per recent research, it was concluded that people watch around 1 billion hours of YouTube videos on an everyday basis. Videos are the king of the day! So, no matter what your business is, videos must be a key part of your upcoming content strategy. In case you’re already using videos yet unable to get results, then this guide is your savior!

Why is social media video marketing important?

  • They are more meaningful as we see a person’s face and hear them talk.
  • It gives us an up-close-and-personal feeling.
  • It lends authenticity to a person’s message as well.
  • It is highly relatable.
  • Videos are very versatile.

Videos can be created using one or several small snippets that act as placeholders and brand-building tools for the business.

They can be shared and re-shared over time and across different platforms.

A great YouTube or video marketing strategy involves some planning and depending upon the quality of the video, an expert or agency may be required for assistance.

What tips must be considered while creating a video?

  • Awareness

It is important to remember that the video should be based on a story and must offer some valuable information about the product or service of concern. The video should be short, helpful and fun at the same time. This ensures that more people will end up on your landing page.

  • Consideration

While making a video, it must be considered that a customer is interested in making a purchase and will look for various alternatives. So, video is your platform to convince them! For this add demos and testimonials that include showing the product and getting reviews of it as well.

  • Decision

Ultimately, the decision-maker is the customer. They must feel empowered and should have control over the process. Their decision would be favorable if they understand clearly how to use, assemble, and return products.

  • Nurture

Even after the sale has been concluded, ensure that you retain that customer for longer. This way you can nurture the relationship with previous customers.

What are the Types of Videos available?

There are different formats of videos that can be used to market the product or service. These are a few different types: 

  • Explainers
  • Vlogs or live videos
  • Interviews
  • Presentations
  • Product reviews
  • Demos
  • Video ads

Selecting the best one is based on the budget and level of expertise.

What is the ideal video’s length?

Following are the recommended length of videos for different platforms:

  • Instagram: 60 seconds
  • Twitter: 45 seconds
  • Facebook: 2 minute
  • YouTube: 3 minutes

While shorter videos are affordable to create and quick to watch, longer ones can give in-depth descriptions. But for both the videos, use engaging visuals with few fun graphics to ensure that your video stays in the minds of the viewers for longer.

How to get more share of your video?

Always remember the following points to get the maximum number of shares:

  • Videos must be mobile-friendly. Also, the video must be fully visible across a spectrum of different devices.
  • Optimize the video according to the SEO standards for each platform.
  • Make an organized library on YouTube.
  • Use A/B testing to see what times are the best to get most of the engagement.
  • Incorporate your video with different types of content.

How to use live videos for social media marketing?

The live video option is available on multiple social media platforms now. Instagram and Facebook are used most commonly. The charm of it is that videos only stay up for just 24 hours and are posted in a real-time format. It is a great way to get up close and personal with people and it also comes with the option of allowing users to react and leave comments.

How to Track Results?

Google Analytics is the best medium to know how your videos are performing, who is watching them, and a lot more. It also gives a solid understanding of what social channels your videos are performing the best, where they are being shared. Also, it is recommended that the advertiser must keep a record of everything and it can be used to refine the social media video marketing strategy.

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