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How to excel In Snapchat Marketing in 2020

Snapchat can be considered as the official tool for businesses and marketers to do their advertising here. Snapchat has approximately 192 million daily active users. It seems to be like every brand is on all the social media like Facebook, Pinterest, etc. Due to so much competition, it can be difficult to get yourself to stand out from the crowd. Though Snapchat is increasing in popularity among the brands very quickly, there’s still a little less competition here than the other platforms. By advertising on Snapchat, you will be reaching a new set of audiences in a different way. Snapchat amplifies social media marketing, the advertiser can edit the images with filters or adding effects. You can make your product visible to the younger audience.

In the last few years, Snapchat has seen an increase in growth with user engagement and activity which is alone enough to capture everyone’s attention. Snapchat currently has a younger audience, though the older one has increased in the last few years. Therefore, the expert’s advice’s advertisers not to completely rely on Snapchat for results. Mentioned below are the tips which will help you find ways to build your own Snapchat marketing strategy 2020:

  1. It is estimated that 95% of Snapchat users are aged between the age of 18 to 24 years and around 92% of those people belong to the age group of 12 to 17. It is very important to remember that one needs to have a strategy before using the channel as a brand. The best way to lay down your objectives can be done by setting goals.
  2. Validate your assumptions about targeting the audience after setting up your objective in the strategy. Not every person uses Snapchat in the same way and you need to understand it. Snapchat was started for the people to interact with their friends in a fun way. Brands should do something like that to stay in their viewer’s head.
  3. Never put in the same content in the Instagram story as that of your Snapchat one. It’s much better to reduce your posting frequency instead of posting the same concept. Try to be more and more creative by understanding your audience. Your campaign should be fun and engaging.
  4. Use your content by making the followers feel important by sharing special announcements, interactive content, fun contest, etc. It’s very easy to advertise on Snapchat but all it requires is to be fun and authentic that will be much appreciated by the followers.
  5. Since last year, Snapchat has been improving its advertising formats. It’s much better to reduce the posting frequency instead of posting the same content every now and then. Snapchat has brought in any changes over the last two years to improve advertising skills. It has now started to provide various ad formats that an advertiser can try out. Snapchat provides the self serve ads that prove out to be both challenging and exciting.
  6. Not many marketers are willing to spend more money or time on the Snapchat ads. Snapchat is a basic platform where the creative team of advertisers can practice their skills in a wider audience to send your map to the audience.
  7. What if the advertisers would get a chance to use the AR technology on Snapchat? Augmented Reality is something that makes Snapchat stand out from the crowd. More than 40% of the users play AR for more than three minutes every day. AR is undoubtedly a part of our lives and probably one of the biggest reasons for marketers to invest in Snapchat for business strategy and marketing.
  8. A good way to find new followers is to cross-promote your presence to other channels. Cross-promotion can play a different role on every channel. Make sure that you promote the right people at the right platform.
  9. Snapchat has also introduced the shoppable ads but many of the marketers have still not used it. Shoppable brands allow retailers to import their product catalog to ads to make it easier for the consumer to purchase the products. This can act as a big opportunity to bring an increase in sales among the younger audience who majorly spend their time on mobile phones.

Snapchat isn’t dead at all. Snapchat has shown great potential for targeting the young audience. However, if you feel that your marketing strategy should be more focused upon the young generation, then there can be no better place than Snapchat.

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