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6 Tricks to Boost Your Website Conversion by Social Media Marketing


None of the advertisers could deny the importance of social media as it is a great way to boost website conversions and increase engagement in consumers. With the passage of time, social media has evolved into the go-to solution for helping users.  It not only locates niche products that the user desire but also takes the plunge to convert it into a sale. The most commonly used social media platforms are Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

However, it is not easy to convert each like into a sale. These digital platforms take time in building a relationship based on trust with customers. The following tricks can help you boost your website conversion by social media marketing: 

  1. Create different content for different platforms based on your target.

This is a very basic trick but ignored most of the time. Most of the advertisers don’t realize the importance of relevance of content to specific audience expectations of the media platform you’re targeting. The target audience should be able to relate, only then you can catch hold of their attention. This greatly increases the chances that the audience will make purchases. However, uniqueness must be maintained on each platform. 

  1. Don’t throw links directly.  

 Advertisers shouldn’t rely just on a stream of links to boost their conversion rates. Direct supply links or just giving links can be very greedy. It can ruin impressions and the hard-selling customers quickly turn them off to a business. Try to avoid giving your audience this negative impression on social media. Instead, the advertisers should promote their business by providing meaningful and engaging content which the users find genuine and relatable.

  1. Keeping track of the traffic.

As a basic rule of thumb, it is of paramount importance that the advertiser must know which links and outlets are attracting the greatest amounts of traffic to their business’s commercial pages. There are a ton of websites and software that can help you simplify this monitoring process. It could even help you capture important data about a specific link in the name of the link itself.  

  1. Know all about your target audience. 

Each advertiser should be thorough about their target audience. There are many ways to do this. Selecting different methods for different platforms is important to produce the best results. What works on Instagram might not work on Facebook. Therefore, it is important to track the prime influencers in the concerned niche. Many online portals help in finding influencers based on data associating certain keywords and their relevance and popularity on the platform of certain influencers.

  1. Provide an easy yet discreet log-in system.

After ensuring that your user is clicking on the promotional link, the task at hand isn’t over. All users need a welcoming and convenient medium. This is a major key to increase conversions. However, for this, you can even set up a social login system that lets users sign-up with a Facebook or Google account. They don’t have to make separate IDs for login. This definitely promotes convenience and ensures smooth synchronization. Also, please make sure that you don’t show an involuntary pop-up in the face of the user as this may drive inquisitive users away. 

  1. Simple checkout process.  

Keeping a very long or complex checkout process will ultimately decrease the chances of conversion into a sale. The user is most likely to change their mind halfway through. The interest shouldn’t be poked. Make sure that they can easily move to the payment page and it’s smooth. Providing multiple mediums will give more ease to the user while being clean and efficient will greatly expedite the payment process. The lesser time user has to spend in the waiting line, the lesser time they’ll have to reconsider their choice.

Having strong tracking social analytics and ensuring that the website and landing pages have strong calls-to-action can help you attract and retain a lot of new customers. But maintaining an effective presence on social media is important as it increases customer allegiance and increases conversion on your website.

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