Do You Want To Make Money With Affiliate marketing?

It becomes very difficult to use performance marketing no matter how good a seller you are. But there are some sites that have successfully used affiliate marketing and earned a lot of money. In India, affiliate marketing is one of the best online sources of income.

Affiliate marketing in India

Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing in which a review of a product is written online by affiliates, and if anyone buys the product on this recommendation, the affiliate gets a commission. Various banner ads are also used for marketing. Google AdSense also provides a platform for bloggers to advertise the content on their site through various interactive media. Adsense for search is also helpful for publishers to earn 51% of revenue from these ads.

There are a large number of affiliate marketing sites around the world. Click Bank, Commission Junction and Impact Radius are some of the top performance marketing agencies across the globe to make money with affiliate marketing. But the examples get a little different in India. So for Indian consumers, it’s better to use Indian networks as they provide with better shipment options and more Indian centered products and services. The various other options provided include cost per acquisition, CPA, CPC, etc.

Top Affiliate marketing sites in India

Many websites in India are growing through affiliate marketing and making money. Some of the best websites using affiliate marketing to make money in India are:

    1. Amazon: Amazon is an international company and was launched in India in 2013. It provides consumers with millions of products and thus becomes one of the best affiliate websites in India. So, how to make money with affiliate marketing with Amazon? It is easy to join as an affiliate also as you just need to log in through Amazon account. After the signing up process, the affiliate can use tools to develop links to any page on Amazon. One of the best features of working with Amazon is that the affiliate gets commission even when the user ends up buying other products using their link. The commission rates range from 0.3% to 12 % depending on the product.

The highest payout earned in men’s apparel is 9.39%, and in books, it is 7.43%. The various tools offered by Amazon include:

    • SiteStripe toolbar
    • Product links
    • Banners
    • Product Advertising API

The best part is the joining is free of cost. A cost per install campaign is also launched by Amazon India in which if the Amazon app is installed by a consumer by clicking on a publisher’s link, a commission is offered to the publisher.

  1. Flipkart Affiliate: Flipkart is one of the earliest websites in India to adopt affiliate marketing. Up to 15 % commission is offered by Flipkart to publishers just by driving traffic from their site or blogs to their website. The main feature of Flipkart affiliate is the product category is vast. Also, the website offers accurate tracking and on-time payment features making it even best to choose it. The various tools offered here include:
    • Product links and banners
    • Promotional banners and widgets
    • Search bar/search widgets
    • Affiliate Bookmarklet widget
    • API

Like Amazon, the signing up option on Flipkart is also free, and it also offers cost per install option.

  1. eBay: eBay provides quick and easy commissions to affiliates on every sale. The commission rate is up to 12%, and even though it provides low payouts, the website is providing quick services. A wide range of products including clothes, health care products, electronics, etc. can be listed and bought. The main reason why eBay is considered top websites even with low commission rates in the long term presence of the website in the market. The various tools offered are:
    • APIs
    • Pixels
    • Ad groups

    Like other above-mentioned websites, it offers free signing up option.

  1. Nearbuy Affiliate: Nearbuy is a local platform in India helping a large number of affiliates in earning a commission. The commission is given on every sale through an affiliate’s link, and it has good CPS options. It offers various types of content options including beauty, travel, personal care, food, etc. The vast range of products and services offered results in affiliates earning no matter what their site is about. The signing up here is also free.

  2. vCommission: It is one of the oldest CPA networks having more than 17500 affiliates signed up. It also offers CPS, CPI, and CPC. The commission can be based on both sales and app installs. They also offer on-time payment and verified lead generation.

  3. BigRock: The big range of products offered at BigRock is the biggest advantage of this affiliate program. It is one of the top hosting sellers in India and is best suited for designers and bloggers. The affiliate gets a unique URL to which he can send traffic and earn a commission. The signing up process is free, and there is no limit to earning commission at BigRock.

The various other websites using affiliate marketing in India are Optimise, DGM India, Komli, MakeMyTrip Affiliate, GoDaddy, Admitad, HostGator, TripAdvisor, etc.

How to make money with affiliate marketing in India?

Affiliate marketing has gained a lot of popularity in recent years with easy money-making in the comfort of your home. The various websites using affiliate marketing in India earn a lot of money by providing just a platform to sign up. However, for Indian affiliates, it is important to make sure the website is Indian as it eases the various shipment and other formalities. Even these affiliate platforms serve on-time payment with lots of options for types of products and services to sell from. The use of these websites to make money with affiliate marketing becomes easier with a variety of tools provided such as Product links and banners, promotional banners and widgets, search bar/search widgets, affiliate Bookmarklet widget, API, pixels, ad groups, SiteStripe toolbar, product links, etc. Some of the best affiliate programs are given in this article. But while choosing for an affiliate program, the website of these platforms should be visited and checked for various tools, terms and conditions. Affiliate marketing can be easily chosen for making money.


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