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What is Advanced Marketing Personalization?

Evolution is an important key for survival and it is the only way to stay in the market for long. Marketers know this philosophy too well and that’s when the concept of “Advanced Marketing Personalisation” came in. Marketers use personalization as a powerful tool to improve marketing strategies. Ever since marketing technology moved forward, personalized marketing is gaining more importance. 

Recent studies show that personalized email campaigns achieve 41% higher click-through rates and 29% higher open rates than non-personalized emails. Making a connection with prospective clients is the best way to get their attention.

What is Marketing Personalisation?

  • Personalized marketing is a strategy that can be integrated into different types of marketing mediums. 
  • It includes blogs, social media posts, and emails. 
  • It is based on the data related to customers. 
  • After collecting data, marketing experiences and content is crafted based on target specific customer types.
  • There are many different websites and software that help in conducting various types of analyses and researches. 
  • Google Analytics is a great tool for analyzing users’ age and gender. 


Why use Marketing Personalisation? 

  1.   To boost sales and increase conversion rate

Personalized marketing is used mainly to make a connection with the audience. This helps in developing a better understanding between the marketer and his/her clients. This way a simple product suggestion or recommendation could help bring better results. Also, some advanced marketing personalization offers some personalized marketing features. This boosts social media engagement and improves the performance of the site. 

  1.   To make recommendations

Since personalized marketing is used to make a connection with the audience, so it is important to learn about the buying habits of customers. Many big retail sites use this data very efficiently to offer their customers relevant product recommendations. It could be based on previous orders, search history, items left in cart or even similar purchases. This sort of personalization has become very popular nowadays. 

  1.   To create more engaging content

Personalization can help in differentiating your brand from others. This can only be done by creating unique, catchy and memorable content. Using relatable words, pictures or videos can help the marketer to hold the attention of the audience for a longer period of time. Adding retro sings or jingles is an example of customized marketing

  1.   To target a specific audience

Personalized marketing involves gathering a lot of data, so it becomes easier to reach specific audiences. Advanced Marketing Personalisation enables marketers to create effective email campaigns that can target specific audiences based on their buying patterns. Using specific keywords is another trick to promote personalized marketing

  1.   To build meaningful relationships

Long term motive behind personalized marketing is customer loyalty. It not only builds stronger and personal relationships but also shows an effort from the marketer’s end. Sending thank you emails, wishing birthdays and anniversaries is a way of that. Using personalized messages generate more conversions and sales.

Personalization is ultimately about making a connection with the past and prospective customers. Using such tactics will help a marketer to improve his/her customized marketing strategy. It would promote customer retention and help in making a good image of the brand.

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