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Here’re Some Tips For Effective Video Marketing!

All the video marketers around the world experience 66 percent of more qualified leads per year and achieve a 54.6%  increase in brand awareness. Now, if you’re sitting there and wondering the video marketing is worth all your money and effort, then don’t let your doubt put you to rest because the option is definitely worth it. Video marketing isn’t a hard job, but something that is hard is that How can you do it effectively? 

By starting with what is video marketing, in here, you record and post the videos with an intention to move forward your business goals in the market. In this case, all you need is a great video marketing strategy to stand out. And once you’ve developed it, here are some video marketing ideas that you need to keep in mind to move up your stakes:

Tell A Story

Telling a story in your video is a golden rule for any kind of content marketing being audio, written or just a visual. The advertisers need to put their attention on adding value to the audience ‘s lives by providing them with actionable advice instead of directly promoting the product would be a bit bizarre. Storytelling is the perfect opportunity to ignite strong emotions like if you present in real-life problems of your product, it will help you drive in a customer. Also if you go by the stats, around 80% of the brands prefer to tell stories as a part of their marketing. By making videos that will directly publicize your product, will make your audience tired and sick of being interrupted with your advertisement and promotional stuff. Even if you opt for paid promotions, prefer to go with the creation of a video that often narrates a fascinating story instead of a simple show off for your product’s features. 

Charge in your first 10 Seconds

An average internet user shows up a short attention span, hence a boring, plain and single video ad wouldn’t grab their eyeballs to look onto your ad. Around one-fifth of the audience will click away from the video with the 10 seconds only if they find it boring. But what if you make it crystally interesting right from the start. 

Those 10 seconds should be capable enough to answer the question in the subconscious mind of the viewer that “ What does this video have in for me?”. Take note in to display your end result by proving the value of the video.

Use Closed Captions 

Around 85% of the people have enabled the option of captions in their videos. This trend has come along with many social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Facebook generates around 8 billion views per day and these posts have 136% higher reach than the regular ones. Hence, this is sure that a huge part of your video marketing ROI can be derived from the platform of Facebook. 

If you want to excel in the marketing post stunning videos with closed captions, in this way it will help you increase leads, engagements, and clicks. The closed captions allow your viewer to enjoy the content. Moreover, it would be a boon if you could translate them or have multilingual subtitles for the viewers belonging to other groups of languages. 

Optimize Your Video

Both organic and paid search engine marketing comes up to be a big part of a digital marketing strategy. There’s a lot your video content can get, just like the other text contents like blog posts, case studies, etc.

Not keeping the fact that Youtube is the second largest engine after Google itself, the optimization of your video content for both of them can take your ROI to a whole new level. To reap more and more SEO, try to host it on your own domain before putting it up on any other social media. Google can extract snippets and display it on search queries, therefore have a keyword with rich transcription. Refer to the main key points mentioned below:

    • Choose a relevant title 
    • Don’t clickbait
    • A comprehensive video description can bring up a good bunch of viewers
    • Add relevant tags
    • Closed captions are a must.

Call To Action

CTA has always provided the viewers to stick around and make them interested in the offerings made by you. They can be turned into qualified leads if you provide a CTA option in the end. You can provide actions like Browse the catalog, free trial, subscribe, etc. Also, if it comes to hosting a video on your own main domain, it isn’t necessary to display CTA in the end. According to a report, around 380% of people place CTA in the video instead of on the side of a page. So, don’t forget to add CTA throughout your video.

Your goal to meet the needs of video marketing should be to educate your viewers and establish a sense of leadership. Don’t forget to share the content on social media where your audience loves to hang out.

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