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How can voice SEO boost rankings?

People perform a search on the internet when they need information about something. Earlier it was not so easy to find information about any topic. With the increasing penetration of technology and mobile phones, voice search is gaining a lot of popularity. As per a survey, by 2020, approximately 30-50% of all searches shall be voice made. That is something to definitely take notice of! Business for also readily adapting various artificial intelligence techniques and integrating them with their operations.

In sync with these trends, companies have realized the importance of voice search techniques for SEO. It is crucial to gain lead among competitors in this highly competitive league.

What is Voice Engine Optimization?

Now you might think what is voice engine optimization? It is basically the process of optimizing search engines for voice-based searches. It is just the advanced version of what activities are being done under SEO. In this kind of SEO, the content, location and brand information of the company is optimized as per voice search made by users. Therefore, your website appears on most of the keyword-type searches and improve the leads on the landing page.

You should definitely take notice of the applicability of voice search SEO techniques. In today’s scenario, Voice recognition has been a dream for decades. It has taken a lot of effort to bring it to the position it is today at! But, due to advancements in machine learning technologies and artificial intelligence augmentation, the voice search methods are in for some major changes.  The Google AI assistant has achieved a major feat in natural language processing. Its accuracy rate is almost 95% with a minimal error percent of 4.9%.

The SEO voice search strategy results are even surprising because there are only 3 results that are displayed in case of voice search. Therefore, if you are not on top, you won’t even be noticed by the users! It is expected that by 2020, approximately 50% of searches will be voice-based! That is just a matter of a year when the competition is expected to get even hotter! All shall be fighting to get to that number one spot in voice search SEO techniques results. All these trends indicate that AI and voice search are poised to re-shape the SEO industry.

How can Voice SEO boost SEO rankings?

Here various steps for using voice search SEO techniques judiciously in order to get ahead of the competition!

    • Optimizing business listings

While you list your business organization on various business listing websites, be sure to clearly mention your name, address of operation and phone numbers. However, the data must be consistent and in case of any change, must be updated immediately. Else the customer might not be able to contact you properly and it might cost you a valued customer. You would be surprised to know that approximately, $10.3 billion are lost annually because owners fail to provide correct information on business listing portals. It is your responsibility to ensure correct information is displayed to users.

    • Speeding up the website processing

Now, this is a crucial step. When users voice searches about something, they need results instantly. If your website loads slowly, they will move on to some other website that loads quickly. The search engine giant, Google recently announced its speed update which will enable page loading speed to rank websites in mobile searches. The average time is taken by a mobile page to load in 15 seconds that is 12 seconds more than it should be!

Speed ranks are an important factor for SEO voice search strategy. For business organizations to rank better in the user’s list, they should improve their landing page timing.

    • Concentrate on better content by attending questions

People have started adopting a voice search. Approximately 41%users state that they feel like they are conversing with a friend!

 Most of them use home assistant speakers that are Artificial intelligence voice-activated like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple Home. The mode of their operation differs from conventional voice search engines. The keyword type search isn’t used, and questions are asked in their place!

Therefore, website owners are suggested to use long keyword phrases in their content so that they can be searched easily. It will also help in improving the natural language processing of your artificial intelligence engine. Just train your machine learning technology with the natural language your target audience is expected to use.

    • Provide better answers to the questions asked

You might have seen various portions of content being featured on different websites. The features are possible when the content is optimized. While the companies optimize their content for this, they are doing voice engine optimization in turn. One can follow certain steps like:

    • Creating an FAQ page for answering questions. This will help conversations to start at an easy level.
    • Regularly updating content with the latest break-through.
    • Optimize questions with appropriate fonts and font sizes.
    • Start answering interesting questions about your products and services in detail.
    • In case you are short of relatable content, you can drive conversation through effective FAQs and answering them efficiently.
    • Test your website for voice search

Voice search is still undergoing development. Therefore, website developers must check their websites if they are ready for voice engine SEO techniques. One must check it on various smart assistants like Alexa, Cortana, Siri for checking the feasibility of the website. Check the origin of most organic results. Also, don’t forget your ranking on group and single business listing websites.

The best way of testing it is to study your competitor’s performance. In this, you can improve on all those points where they are lacking. Thus, giving you a boost in the business!

Therefore, if you follow these simple points while undertaking voice engine optimization, you will get far more leads than your competitors who are not pursuing it. Voice search can’t be generic in nature. For fetching desirable results, it requires proper optimization. Only good content with a well-planned strategy help will helps you get ahead in this highly competitive market.


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