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How to Avoid Major Google Ads Mistakes (Part 1)

Google Ads can prove to be a powerful marketing tool if done properly. How Google Ads can help in converting the leads? Viewers clicking on your ads, then turning into leads, and finally into getting the payment from your customers. Sounds perfect right? But what if you have spent your money on Google Ads and it goes to some irrelevant traffic. Now, it does not sound perfect. Many people have made…
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Don’t Ignore Important KPI’s of Social Media

Each business has to make its space on social media. This helps in building a brand that the audience can trust and helps in spreading the word out. The power of social media is undeterred and it can positively affect your business if used smartly. Brands are making…
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Must Know Things about Media Buying

Media buying is ensuring that the content of a commercial ad is getting viewed by the intended audience. A media buyer ensures that the ad links directly to the intended audience to make sure that the ad served its purpose well. These ads are usually related to a product and they are published on TV, online, newspapers or magazines. The media buyer represents the advertiser and negotiates the…
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Secrets to Great Partnership Marketing

Partnership marketing is when a company forms an alliance with a person or business because they have a relationship with an area of a market that you’re interested in selling to. The main benefit of having a partnership marketing strategy is that it helps in…
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Establishing Effective Strategy for Instagram Marketing

Instagram is an absolute goldmine for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Starting from social media sales to community-building to spreading ideas and awareness and beyond, Instagram has taken the market by storm. But many brands struggle to grow or adopt Instagram as part…
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Guide to Video Marketing on Social Media

As per recent research, it was concluded that people watch around 1 billion hours of YouTube videos on an everyday basis. Videos are the king of the day! So, no matter what your business is, videos must be a key part of your upcoming content strategy. In case you’re already using videos yet unable to get results, then this guide is your savior! Why is social media video marketing…
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A Guide to PPC Conversion Rates

PPC is the most popular model of internet marketing. As per this model, advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. Called as Pay-per-Click model, it is a way of buying visits to your site, rather than attempting to “earn” those visits organically.

Best SEO Plugins for WordPress E-Commerce Websites

WordPress has been in existence since 2003 and since then the platform is known for helping individuals and people. In recent years, WordPress has become very famous for helping businesses as well, worldwide. It is helping individuals, companies, SMEs, businesses, e-commerce companies, and influencers to build their website and provide online space.  Many developers say that WordPress isn’t…
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